All Natural

Everything we do at The Original Pancake House is done with all natural ingredients. Even the toast we serve you is bread that a local baker bakes just for us with no preservatives added to it. We have it delivered almost everyday so that it is fresh, and when it is served to you we lather it with a thin layer of real 96 score whipped butter that we whipped.

We slice fresh ripe melon, strawberries, and bananas everyday. We make whipped cream with real heavy cream every morning.

Orange Juice at The Original Pancake House is freshly squeezed each morning in - house. On average it takes Between 5 and 8 oranges to make a single glass of juice. We never purchase bottled or pre-squeezed juice that is labeled “fresh squeezed”; we only purchase cases of fresh oranges. In the winter season the juice may not taste as sweet as the summer juice, but this is because we never add sweeteners or other products to our juice. Everyday it is simply crisp, freshly squeezed juice right from the oranges.

At The Original Pancake House we serve our eggs fresh from the farm. This means that the eggs we serve are laid and supplied by a local farmer. We then crack each egg by hand right before we serve it to you because we feel that it is important that even your scrambled eggs do not come out of the shell too long before they are served. Unlike some restaurants that buy eggs pre-cracked and packaged in large plastic bags, we crack over 600 dozen eggs per week. That leaves us with a lot of empty shells and you with the freshest breakfast possible.