Pancakes from The Original Pancake House are an exceptional treat. Like all of our creations, the buttermilk pancakes are made 100% from scratch.

Pancakes this delicious have to be started days in advance.The process begins with sour starter, a key ingredient in many baking recipes. We make our own sour starter in-house using potatoes, water, flour, sugar and yeast. With the exact amounts of these ingredients, and the exact temperatures we create our sour starter that has to sit for days and days, to work its magic, before we use it.

The buttermilk batter is mixed by hand in an extra large bowl with an extra large whip. Then, we activate the batter with our own sour starter, fresh whipped eggs, and yeast. This activation creates a chemical reaction that causes the batter to bubble and fester all day long.

The batter rises on the grill and makes the lightest, fluffiest, melt in your mouth pancakes you have ever tasted. There is no such thing as an Original Pancake House pancake mix - you simply can’t get pancakes this delicious from a box!